Am I Trained?

Ultrasound tech? Midwife?

No, no one actually gets trained professional in the nub theory.

There is no university degree or certificate to obtain to have a qualification in this field, if there were I would be definitely signing myself up! just to show a bit of paper.

This does not mean you cannot trust my opinion

This is more recognised in USA, Most UK sonographers are only just getting familiar with this way, NHS will say this is nonsense because they are for the health only. or will tell you its their foot! Nub theory is a fact! you can not argue a nub! its the babies developing genitals after all.

I am self taught with just under 10 years experience via many platforms learning the skill, Now confident I am very well skilled, I went ahead and decided to do this website to provide a professional service with my drawings to show you exactly what is shown in our scans and a full explanation why.

Over a year in the making this has become a great success

I am very honest with my predictions, this is my passion, my aim is to give the best accuracy for me and you! of course I do not want to be wrong!

please note this does depend on your babies age, I will add an explanation in your reading if this does apply to you.

If the genital nub has not imaged or I cant be confident in what I see, a full refund is given. and an explanation why I cannot help.

There is a lot that goes into predicting your baby's sex. Its not guess work or by the flip of a coin.


Not all nubs image fully, not all nubs image with a single line and be flat or risen, having someone one that is experienced have a view on your scan, can mean a more accurate opinion as i know what's a full nub compared to a partial, this can be a more accurate prediction. 

Please do your research on any paid gender prediction company you come across, just like me.

check if they are registered, are they using fake names? why? spamming with random gender reveals, doing masses of shoutouts sharing unrelated posts to the actual thing they do... social media can be a big clue, this business type is definitely on the rise, you will need to find the good ones from the bad! 

Just like you would when buying online!

Hopefully my reviews, social media, real followings on all platforms and confirmation posts I share regularly with the parents tagged shows I can be trusted with your predictions and I am good at what I do :)

If you have got this far...

Thank you for taking the time to read

it really means a lot <3

-The Nub Whisperer



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No prediction is 100% until birth, but I strive in my personal accuracy with years of experience,

The information provided in your readings is The Nub Whisperer's content and opinion!

Current accuracy for Nub theory drawings are updated each month

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